Friday, February 12, 2016

Kyoto is back

For good Japanese food open noon to 9 PM. The other Japanese restaurant closes around 5 in the afternoon. Like many restaurants here the owner will want his property back or raises the rent so Kyoto moved on and has been closed for about a year. Jose the owner, is a great guy and has no problem with 1/2 orders. Fried rice and shrimp is my favorite.They are located at the end of Taco Row next to the computer shop.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mexican Rodeo Party in Villa Obregon

Mexican Rodeo Party coming up this Saturday (Feb 13) in Villa Obregon! Tickets are 250 pesos and proceeds go to support a new charro (horsemanship) school opening in Melaque. This will be a fantastic display of traditional Mexican horsemanship and cowboy skills, featuring talented men & women (google "escaramuza") and their beautiful horses from around Jalisco. Tickets can be purchased at Beto the vet in Melaque.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Primavera Street Party

West Melaque Street Party

This Saturday the 13th of February a Street Party put on by the Primavera Community. Starts at 5 PM at Calle Eucalipto # 135. Sounds like fun and no entrance fee.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Tacos Cano

Tacos Cano on Ramon Corona just east of the market and on the next block south of Taco Row. They are the only taco stand on that block with almost no traffic like Taco Row has. If you don't like those large, smelly Urbano buses missing you by inches ... let alone crazy drivers and motos .... this is the place for you. Nice people, good food and Wednesday's tacos are 5 pesos. They use two tortillas so you can usually make an extra taco with what is left on your plate 

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Papas on the Plaza

El Rinconcito

A recent discussion on Tomzap about stuffed potatoes and a few were mentioned in Barra and Melaque. The most famous is Las Güinas in Villa Obregon but their papas are huge and over stuffed. You might be able to order a toned down version but haven't tried them .... and they are expensive. 

This place is on the corner of the Plaza at the entrance to Taco Row. Their papas are small, inexpensive and you choose what you want on them like tacos. I've seen them cooking but they weren't ready and I seldom get into town in the evening anymore. Gonna have to force myself so I can try them

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