Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Melaque new Secondaria

This week is sign up for first year kids at the new Secondaria so we took Yari and we got our first good look. Very nice and definitely will be ready for the coming school year. Two large 2 story buildings and 4-5 smaller single story. I thought the overall property was much smaller but there is a full sized basketball court, a large tree lined drainage canal that looks like a stream, a huge open space in the direction of the highway for a soccer field and a very large "parade ground" for the 'marchando' they like to do. There is also a ramp for wheelchairs or disabled on the Melaque entrance.

Looking down from the largest building

Future campo de futbol


Parade ground

Monday, July 21, 2014

Stand Up Paddle Board Melaque 2014

Sign up for the Event(s) 6 PM Thursday at Hotel Monterrey

Friday - July 25th
10 AM "Fun" Paddle
11:30 AM "Elite Pro"

Saturday - July 26th
10 AM Distance Paddle

Saturday in the afternoon, Beach volley Ball Competition at Hotel Monterrey

Saturday evening concludes the events with a party at Albatros with Surfosonso band from Colima

Friday, July 18, 2014

Spay and Neuter clinic next weekend in Jaluco

We are pleased to announce a 2-day spay & neuter clinic scheduled for July 26 & 27. This time we decided to reach out to Jaluco, and we have received a warm welcome. We will set up in the Municipal Agent's Office, which is just off the highway, next to the Jardin & taxis. No mobile surgical center this time, so the medico will be working inside the office. Please help get the word out and do all you can to assist your friends and neighbors in getting their animals attended. We hope to sterilize 50 animals over the weekend. Our printed publicity should be ready soon, and we will get posters & flyers out at that time. We are taking appointments but drop-ins are also welcome. 

It is important for the animals to be fasting for 12 hours prior to the surgery.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Palapa fire - Bigotes?

I think I got these some time ago on Canal 10 Melaque on Facebook .... but I really don't remember. What I do know is they were scanned from non digital originals. They even had little circular corners like a postcard might. So the fire is only rumored to be Bigotes burning .... I sure can't tell.  It could be anywhere.

The only think that tells me when these were taken is ... it's before the current andador / malecon at streets end.  I don't know or remember when it was built.

Taken in front of trailer park?


Beach looking east

Beach looking west

Friday, June 27, 2014

Worse than it looks from here

I know we got wet here in Melaque the last few days. Just try driving around and you'll see right away. What I didn't realize was "the river" overflowed and isolated 2 communities along with flooding banana plantations. All the huge river containment work done since Jova has been upstream and alongside Cihuatlan but further along the river banks are normal. 

El Rebalse on the Jalisco side and El Centinela on the Colima side are two small communities way down stream from Cihuatlan and basically unprotected. It's not like this doesn't happen a few times a year but it's usually when a large storm comes up the coast.   Both of these are very small communities of maybe 20-30 homes and I'm not sure Centinela even has a town square

El Centinela road

El Rebalse road

Probably near El Rebalse

Rio Marabasco

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