Thursday, March 05, 2015

Pazcado - La Paz style Fish Tacos

Lots of talk about how good and authentic the Fish Tacos are. I guess the chef is really from La Paz and learned to do it right. I haven't tried it because I always seem to be on my way to somewhere. Story is he makes an almost Tempura batter coating which is what I remember most from La Paz. 20 pesos is not bad if they are as good as folks say they are. As their signs says they are located on the Jaluco side of highway 200 at the Barra de Navidad intersection. 

Pazcado - Tacos de Mar

Entrance faces the Plaza de Toros


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Festival San Patricio

It's that time again for 10 days of activities, March 8th through the 17th. Parades, music, misas (mass), fireworks and I'm sure the carnival rides will be where they usually are, a half block from the plaza.

Friday, February 27, 2015

San Patricio - Melaque Lagoon

This idyllic scene is across from Melaque Prepa (High School) which is about a mile north of the highway and downtown. It is this wet or wetter all the way to the lagoon by the Sports Complex. The road from the Prepa to the Pinal Villa road is not passable due to running water. Running water crosses the Pinal Villa road in 3 places and fields are filled with water similar to the foto above.  Most water on that side is headed for Laguna del Tule but there is still a lot to the west. 

I've heard they stopped pumping waste water out to the old non-functioning treatment plant for awhile but it does not seem to lessen the amount of water flowing everywhere. There's some talk of an artificial lagoon for sewage treatment but the whole area is becoming a natural lagoon without help from people.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Palapa on a rock

Hopefully the new roof is just to improve that train-wreck of an idea

West Melaque eye sore for years

This very lame idea for a bar/restaurant died years ago and has been a blight to the natural environment since it closed and began falling apart. An extremely dangerous set of stairs and something alcohol lubricated people should not attempt. Even over weight out of shape gringos should stay away. No running water and certainly no bathrooms. Was a rumor a drunk fell off but who knows. Think the place only lasted part of a year.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Carnitas El Sorry

What's in a name

Carnitas El Sorry

Good carnitas but you'll be sorry if you don't get there early. Usually all gone by 1pm or sooner. I used to buy there for lunches when building the house. Across the highway from the old Melaque Secondary school and a block toward Jaluco

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