Sunday, July 26, 2015

Exequiel Lazareno passed yesterday

He drowned last night while surfing. It's rumored he was hit by a boat but just a rumor. He was the owner of Bar Albatros which I had not visited but heard it was a cool place. He has been working on a few acres his family owns along the road to Pinal Villa and I've stopped to talk with him a number of times. His dad had a few ovens that he cooked limestone in to make Cal which was used as mortar in the old days. He showed me the ovens and explained the process. 

Very nice guy y descanso en paz Exequiel

Exequiel Lazareno

Oven to make Cal

Saturday, July 25, 2015

School vacation in Melaque

Lots of tourists in town, lots of buses from other parts of Mexico
I'm sure local businesses are happy after the last three slow months

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How much rain last night

About that much

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Melaque ejidatarios can regularize their legal status

Guadalajara, Jal., July 16, 2014

The ejido San Patricio, who for 24 years has fought in courts Melaque beaches in the municipality of Cihuatlan, adjacent to Colima, announced a preliminary agreement with agricultural authorities. To achieve this, it would be one of the few on the coast of Jalisco that have stood the real estate and tourism pressure.

In celebration of 77 years since the founding of the ejido, which for two decades has not been officially recognized, the chairman of the board, Miguel Alvarez Sanchez said are imminent certification of the settlement, the registry update ejidatarios, recognition of the board and the regularization of their ejido endowment.

It seems to me there are not two places of Melaque and San Patricio especially since the ownership of the beach has been settled although at one point the beach and part of town were considered Melaque. According to the sign above San Patricio Ejido was founded in 1937 or 77 years before July 2014 with no mention of why the name. Neighbors say there used to be a small rancho named San Patricio possible owned by a family with that name. Another old timer says Melaque beach used to be called the Beach of Malaquicon.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cleanup day on the Andador

Andador in Villa Obregon

This is the first stage of a joint cleanup effort between Cihuatlan General Services and the general community. Citizens are helping with the work and contributing snacks and aguas frescas. A constant project with the rains.
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