Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Civil Protection Warnings

With unusually large surf for the last few days and the festivities of Semana Santa -- Civil Protection recommends that people take their precautions before entering into any body of water, watch the children and not swimming after eating food or alcoholic beverages.

Warnings come after a drowning in Arroyo Seco and a rescue in Perula and a rescue in Melaque

Melaque west end beach

Civil Protection Lifeguard

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TomZap only has Spam left

Attachment from drumstiix, the biggest Spammer
Even if it is music (his music)

Very little conversation left because most vacationers and snow-birds have gone home to avoid Semana Santa which is early this year. The usual spammers below are fishing for the last hanger-on's that are still here. Some of them are much worse than others with very few almost welcome. Just kind of pitiful to see this last minute fishing. Pretty soon it will almost  grind to a halt.
Bistro Escondido is still open
by Costa Girl

Barra Blues Band tonight! 9pm @Backstage Bar
by drumstiix

H&R Rock at Albatros
by Nancy M
by nohans
Golf Cart Rental
by D & D
by giselle
Esmeralda's Restaurant
by ladydi
Chido Rivera Band @Chido's Bar ..... CHIDO!! 
by drumstiix
BBQ DAY / Last Call @ La Oficina
by aaron
Music this week
by Lucy's Paradise

Kaliman Grilled Chicken

Pollos Kaliman

Someone described their chicken as "smoked" and there is a tiny bit of smoke flavor to them but it is not smoked. This is the same family that runs Kaliman on the highway north of the bull ring. They are located about a block past the Villa Obregon Plaza on Benito Juarez. Very good chicken and on Tuesdays and Thursdays potatoes and a large soft drink are included free. One whole chicken with rice, slaw, salsa and tortillas is 110 pesos.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Melaque Lagoon

While I was waiting for new brakes at Pancho's I took a walk over to the new sports complex  to see how the lagoon is doing with all this water. I was somewhat amazed at how large it is. Area wise I'd estimate not much smaller than Laguna del Tule. It shows signs of being much drier in the past but it's been a real lagoon for at least six months.

Lots of birds of different flavors. Couldn't identify those large birds in the cow foto but lots of them. An iguana on the banks and I heard a splash that might have been a small cocodrilo or caimen, sure wasn't a big one. The cow sure is happy.

To the north

To the southwest

No lagoon without Lirio

Good cattle grazing I guess - only the one

Thursday, March 19, 2015

San Patricio Fiesta on St. Patrick's Day

All week Nahima has been wanting to go on the small kiddie rides (juegitos) and we finally went on the last day of the fiesta (Saint Patrick's Day). I think the noise and wall to wall people over whelmed her so no rides tonight. Usually we go early during the week with a lot less people and excitement. She did play a game rolling marbles and actually won a small stuffed dog and a plaster of paris painting project. Pretty cool

I heard that Sunday or Monday the Castillo was rained out so maybe why there were two, side by side. We were on the far side of the Plaza by the school with less people and away from the crazy Toritoes. Lots of pin-wheels, rockets and two coronas as the finale. Fun night, I slept in because we didn't get back until after 1am.

Wall to wall people

Crazy ride - does 360 loops
Yari and friends

The Toritos are what we avoided. The kids would definitely be afraid but they are dangerous for anyone. I was so surprised by the great overhead fireworks at the end I totally forgot to bring out my IPhone camera. Don't remember large explosive multi-colored fireworks before.
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